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[EP-tech] MS Edge, EPrints & HTTP/HTTPS

Hi All,

I have a puzzle. We have SSL certificates on the repository server (I
replaced them just yesterday, but this problem is from before I promise).

I have green/complete etc. padlocks on all browsers I try (even IE!).
Certificate checkers give me the all clear, but Microsoft Edge just will
not entertain EPrints at all.

If I prefix the repo url with https it works, if I don't it gives me
"Hmmm... cannot reach this page".

If I visit some of the EPrints-generated links (e.g. an abstract link)
these are rendered as http (according to the chrome inspector) and so I
once more get:

"Hmmm... cannot reach this page" .

I imagine the three people left on Earth that still use Edge will be
distraught if they can't get to the repository.

Has anybody had experience of this? Is it an Edge issue or EPrints issue?
I've read the EPrints wiki about http/https and couldn't see anything too
illuminating that might help.

Any hints or advice will be appreciated.

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