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[EP-tech] Translations and xpages

Hi everyone,

is there a sepcific reason why every language gets to have its own xpage 
files with hardcoded text instead of having one central file containing 
phrase references which could then be placed in the respective lang 


Currently we're having
- eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/en/static/help.xpage
- eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/de/static/help.xpage
- eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/anyotherlang/static/help.xpage
that all provide structure and translation for the help page. If we were 
to redesign the help page, we would have to change all the above files 

So instead, couldn't we have only one file at 
eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/static/help.xpage that provides the 
structure and contains phrase refs (instead of "hard" text) that would 
be provided from
- eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/en/phrases/help.xml
- eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/de/phrases/help.xml
- eprints3/archives/archivename/cfg/lang/anyotherlang/phrases/help.xml?

This way, structural changes would apply to all languages at once, 
improving maintainability. The same goes for all plugins providing some 
sort of static pages.

Any thoughts on this?

Best regards
Dennis M?ller
Universit?tsbibliothek Mannheim
Digitale Bibliotheksdienste

Schloss Schneckenhof West
68131 Mannheim
Tel.: 0621 / 181-3023
E-Mail: dennis.mueller at bib.uni-mannheim.de