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Re: [EP-tech] Error whilst depositing via SWORD

Hi Fran,

Taking a quick look at the code, I think the issue is that in the CRUD module, there are a couple of instances where the 'sword_error' is called as a raw function , rather than an object method e.g.:

Normal working:



Function call in servicedocument function:


and 'on_behalf_of' function:



This issue will only become apparent when you're doing a SWORD deposit using the 'on-behalf-of' header.

I think it may have been present for ~7 years, when the first line of the sword_error function was changed from

my( $repo, $r, %opts ) = @_;


my( $self, %opts ) = @_;


I think it's more than a 5-minute job to fix properly - I need to get into the code a bit more to understand what was changed - and how to resolve it.


I'll log it in GitHub and let you know try and come up with a solution - unless anyone else fancies having a  go..?






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Hi All,


We have a third party depositing via SWORD. They're getting a generic 500 message back but when I lookup the error_log corresponding to the time of the test I can see this message...


[Mon Jan 07 13:46:18.179171 2019] [perl:error] [pid 10713] [client X.X.X.X] Can't locate object method "repository" via package "EPrints::Repository" at /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Apache/CRUD.pm line 1977.\n


Any ideas what's wrong with CRUD.pm? Or is it a problem with the syntax of the deposit? I had expected SWORD to be pretty much plug and play (actually not even 'plug' since the documentation says it is configured by default).


**NOTE: I have X'd out the client IP address, it's a genuine IP in the original message


Thanks all,

Fran Callaghan



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