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[EP-tech] Does a proliferation of cache tables effect simple search performance?

Good morning All,

I was wondering whether anyone else incurred into this aspect of Eprints' Simple Search, and whether this is the intended way it should work.

Every time a simple search is performed, Eprints creates a new cache table in the database - these tables are named with a 'cache[0-9]+' format.
Eprints does not appear consider these cache tables as orphaned, and therefore these tables seem to remain in the database - it may happen that a large multitude of these tables are left in the database.

I would be curious to know more about these tables:
1 - Are these cache tables eventually supposed to be dropped by any process? 'epadmin cleanup_cachemaps' leaves these tables untouched, as it does not consider them as orphaned;
2 - Does a proliferation of cache tables impact the simple search performance? Having overabundance of cache tables to look through seems to me that can bring unwanted overhead to DB-related processes, but I might be missing something obvious;

Thank you - have a nice day!
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