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[EP-tech] Core Recommender

Hi James,
In the file EPRINTS_ROOT/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/CoreRecommender.pl, do you have the following value set:
$c->{plugins}{"Screen::EPrint::Box::CoreRecommender"}{params}{id} = "recommenderID";

If it is set to 'recommenderID', then you need to get in touch with CORE (https://emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcore.ac.uk%2Fcontact&data=01%7C01%7Ceprints-tech%40ecs.soton.ac.uk%7C9bf6d84cc80246c1b34a08d62f607cc4%7C4a5378f929f44d3ebe89669d03ada9d8%7C1&sdata=i1FU7PHbj6RqS9v71IxntHUdgGlxf5oRmARUljty3fs%3D&reserved=0) and ask for an account.


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Subject: [EP-tech] Core Recommender

Hi All,

I currently have the CORE Recommender on our repository, but we only have the general tab, not the specific library tab as I have seen on other repositories.

I've taken a look at the code and read lots of blog posts, but can't see how to enable the second tab.

Could anybody point me in the right direction for enabling this?

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