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Re: [EP-tech] related_resources field display

Morning Rory,

It looks as though it is installed from the EPrints Bazaar. It was set up before I started here, but it is enabled in the Bazaar and appears to be up to date etc.


On Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 4:52 PM Rory McNicholl <Rory.McNicholl@london.ac.uk> wrote:

Hi James,

was recollect installed from the bazaar or github (https://github.com/eprintsug/recollect)?

Just curiousity really

The issue exists in both of them even though they are quite different. I've created a PR for it: https://github.com/eprintsug/recollect/pull/4



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Subject: [EP-tech] related_resources field display
Hi All,

I have a problem on our data repository which uses Recollect.

On the staff view, the "Related Resources" field displays as something similar to:


Checking the database I can see the links I submitted for this field are still in the format I expected, so the problem appears to be in the display of these items. It looks as though it's trying to print a hash/array instead of accessing the object the "proper" way.

I've taken a good look at this and got to Details.pm in:


I can understand the code (more or less) to the point where it prints out each stages tab (Previews, Details, Actions, History, Issues) and how it appears to print the header for each section under each tab (e.g. Details ==> Upload, Details,Other Defined Fields.

I just can't see where each subheading is then printed to screen (Creators of, Title of Divisions etc):


Irritatingly, on the repository we have an analogous "related_url" field that displays correctly. If I knew where to look I could just compare and correct it. Does anybody have any ideas? There is an x_recollect.pl in cfg.d that contains the following, but I don't think that's what I want:

     name         => 'related_resources',
     type         => 'compound',
     multiple     => 1,
     render_value => 'EPrints::Extras::render_url_truncate_end',
     fields       => [
  sub_name   => 'url',
  type       => 'url',
  input_cols => 40,
  sub_name     => 'type',
  type         => 'set',
  render_quiet => 1,
  options      => [
} ],
     input_boxes   => 1,
     input_ordered => 0,
    reuse => 1


PNG image

PNG image