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[EP-tech] Problems with eprints-tech mailing list

Hi all,

It has been reported to me (as of 15:22 BST on 16th May) that the
eprints-tech mailing list is not working. ?I am sending this email to
test. ?If people receive this email then it is clearly still working.
If not (or you receive this days/weeks) later it is/was not working. ?
If the latter is the case, I will speak to the mailing list provider to
see if I can figure out what is going wrong. ?

There is a mass migration of @ecs.soton.ac.uk email and mailing lists
to be managed centrally by the University of Southampton. ?I have been
contacted to deal with a number of prospective issues with EPrints
addresses that may stop working without special attention to their
migration and it is possible that eprints-tech is something that is
affected that I have not been contacted about.


David Newman