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[EP-tech] Using a pin as an HTML attribute in a phrase


I wanted to pass an url to a phrase through a pin...

 ??? ? ??? $doc->appendChild( $repo->html_phrase('my/phrase/id", url => 
$repo->make_text($target) ) );

But I can't find a way to use it as an attribute in my phrase.

 ?? <epp:phrase id="my/phrase/id">
 ???? ??? <a href="<pin name='url'/>">
 ?????? ??? ??? Go to <pin name="url"/>
 ???? ??? </a>
 ?? </epp:phrase>

does not works (as expected).

But the {} form, used to insert field values as attributes doesn't work 
either (<a href="{url}">).

Do you know is there is a way to insert a pin as an attribute ?
Maybe with a special syntax like href="{pin:url}" for example ?
Or with the help of some code in Perl ?