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Re: [EP-tech] Wiki editing questions

Hi Karl,

Q1.  I think there is an intended difference between these three categories but maybe some pages have become miscategorised over time.

Deprecated: This information is no longer accurate for the latest supported versions of EPrints but is still relevant to older versions.

Obsolete: This information is no longer relevant for any version of EPrints.  These pages probably can be deleted after review by a WikiSysop.

Out of Date: The subject of the page is still relevant but the information is out of date and probably needs to be updated rather than deleting.  An example may be that integration with a particular third party API.  Most of the process may still be accurately described but if you follow to the letter it won't work as small things have changed.

Q2. I am effectively responsible for maintaining the wiki as a system and approving new account requests but not the content as a whole, which is a community resposibility.  I do curate some content, when I get the chance.  Generally this content relates to installation and integration with third party systems.  There are an number WikiSysOps including me.  I am unsure how active some of the other WikiSysOps currently are, but I can periodically review pages you add into the Rubbish category.  However, depending on the subject I may or may not be confident on deleting these pages, as they may be useful in a way I am not aware.


David Newman

On 30/08/2018 06:40, Karl Goetz wrote:
Hi all,
I’ve been starting to make some changes to wiki pages and I’m trying to clean out (or at least categorise) old material as I identify it.

Q1: I want to merge the Categories Deprecated, Obsolete, and Out of Date.

Is there someone I should be talking to with a longer involvement who might have abetter feeling for why the separate categories exist?

Q2: Who do I ask for permission to delete pages?

I can keep putting things in Category::Rubbish but that doesn’t make them Go Away .

An example of a safe delete (in my view) is https://wiki.eprints.org/w/index.php?title=/var/&action="">

If deleting is retained for WikiSysop I’ll just need to occasionally chase someone to clean out Category::Rubbish.


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