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[EP-tech] Browse Views

Morning all,

I have a non-urgent request for some advice.

I'm taking a look at our repositories "Browse Views", specifically by Author. We originally had the views giving a menu of the first three letters of a name:


While it works really well, it's quite cluttered. If I arrange it sorting by only one letter I get:


The problem I face is that for some letters there are so many authors I suspect Apache won't display all of them or the page will be ridiculously long.

Is there a way to add pages under each letter (Page 1, Page 2 etc once the list reaches a given size) or another sensible way to divide up all authors under a given letter? This can include using the three letter division under each starting letter so I  click "A" and am then presented with a menu showing AAR-ABA, ABB, ABC etc.

I'm sure it's possible, but it wasn't mentioned in the EPrints Services video on Youtube, unless I wanted to divide by another property e.g. type.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.