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Re: [EP-tech] ORCID Support Advance Plugin

I tried to replicate this issue, because it sounds like a major issue in the plugin:

1. Change my name, email to some person with >100 publications
2. Disconnect and connect again to my ORCID-Sandbox-Account
3. Wait a little for the trigger to go through all the publications with my new name and add my ORCID id there
4. Export X items to ORCID

I could successfully export one single entry and also a few entries to ORCID, e.g. a selection of 67 entries worked for me. However, when trying to export everything (>500 entries) then this does not work, and an export of 104 entries does fail as wellr.

How can we pack the publications into smaller chunks when exporting to ORCID? Can we put the lines 114-135 [2] into a loop where we 'splice' the array $orcid_works before into smaller parts of size less than 100 and only use that part within the write_orcid_record?

For errors like this an error message is missing and in the code marked as a TODO [1]. When will this TODO been tackled?

Best regards,

[1] https://github.com/eprints/orcid_support_advance/blob/ae06703165589444e77eadc1c968f00ce03eefc1/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/ExportToOrcid.pm#L134 [2] https://github.com/eprints/orcid_support_advance/blob/ae06703165589444e77eadc1c968f00ce03eefc1/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/ExportToOrcid.pm#L114-L135

Am 14.08.2018 um 17:14 schrieb Schallehn, Volker:
Hi Will,

we are using the ORCID support and ORCID Support Advance plugins (both from Github). We have discovered some problems trying to export publications from our EPrints repository (3.3.15) to ORCID. According to a mail I got from the ORCID support it's not possible to export more than 100 publications at once. The EPrints ORCID export function should set a limit to 100 publications, because any export with more publications will fail.

But the export of individual publications also fails if the author has more than 100 publications. It looks as if the selection of the individual publication to be exported is not effective, but the entire list is transferred in the background. I received this mail from ORCID Support today, after trying to export a single publication:

"I can see that your request to post works is still using the bulk works end point (/works). That will return a 200 status as long as the call is successful and then a full error message that has the status of each work included in the bulk file with either the success status for that work, or a error with information why the specific work couldn't be posted. If there's a way to get the EPrints software to return the full error message that will be easiest to determine what is going wrong."

Do you have any idea, what's going wrong with the ORCID Support Advance plugin? Since there are no meaningful logs, it is difficult to detect the error. If you are trying to export 1 publication, there is always the message that 1 publication has been exported to ORCID successfully, but it never arrives in ORCID.

Thanks for your help

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