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[EP-tech] Installation of Orcid Support Advance plugin


For your information...

I'm installing the Orcid Support Advance plugin from the Bazaar repository.

After the installation from the admin interface and a little tweaking of 
z_orcid_support_advance.pl, I tried to reload the configuration and I 
got several errors like the following one :

    Problem loading plugin EPrints::Plugin::Event::CheckOrcidName
    Can't locate EPrints/ORCID/AdvanceUtils.pm in @INC (@INC contains:
    /opt/www/eprints-3.3.12/bin/../perl_lib /usr/local/lib64/perl5
    /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl
    /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at
    line 9, <DATA> line 960.

The AdvanceUtils.pm file seems to be missing from the EPM package.

So, I got it from the Github site.

And I got another error :

    Problem loading plugin EPrints::Plugin::Screen::ExportToOrcid
    Type of arg 1 to push must be array (not private variable) at
    line 110, near "$work;"

I then change the line #110 in ExportToOrcid.pm from :

    push $orcid_works, $work;
    push @$orcid_works, $work;

Maybe something my "old" Perl version (5.10.1) doesn't like...

Best regards