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[EP-tech] Eprints-tech Digest, Vol 118, Issue 15

Hi Aris,
That line 12 in point 2  appears to have been changed in error?
It should still read

Use EPrints;

As it is referring to a code module, rather than a directory in the file structure.

The initial #!  lines should point to the perl installation directory (probably #! /usr/bin/perl ?w)  rather than the eprints3 directory.  Something appears to be a bit messed up in your IRStats2 installation.

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Hi Enio Carboni

after i check the process_stats file, the difference is just in

1. at https://github.com/eprints/irstats2/blob/master/bin/stats/process_stats#L12 on line 1 process_stats =

#! / usr / bin / perl -w

on my computer on line 1 process_stats =

#! / usr / share / eprints3 / bin / perl -w

2. at https://github.com/eprints/irstats2/blob/master/bin/stats/process_stats#<https://github.com/eprints/irstats2/blob/master/bin/stats/process_stats> on line 12 process_stats =

use EPrints;

on my computer line 12 process_stats =

use eprints3;

but not on line 1 / usr / share / eprints3 / bin / perl -w on my computer pointing to the installation folder eprints3?

thank you
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