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[EP-tech] Very slow access, File not found, Error Generating views


I'm hoping if anyone can provide me guidance on how to fix the following issues:

1.       Very slow accessing EPrints when a particular user is logged in.  Other users are ok.

-          I've checked the following:  server space still 3.5GB left, network connections are ok since other user login are fast.  I've also restarted apache, but same issue with the users

2.       Getting a 404 error for user in issue#1 when accessing some of his items.

-          I've checked the eprint table and I can see the record for eprintid 3637 is there, but when we go to http://researcharchive.wintec.ac.nz/3637/, it is saying 404 File not Found.

3.       When generating views, I'm getting:
"EPScript error:  Script in citation eprint/default: can't get a property {usertype from undefined value at character 14
  $current_user{usertype} = 'editor'
                                ^ here at /opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/Script.pm line 162."

I'm not sure if the above issues are all linked together or they are separate issues on their own.  Any help to fix the above issues is greatly appreciated.


Best regards,

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