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[EP-tech] "ORCID Support" plugin and "Generic Reporting Framework" plugin


I was trying to install the ORCID Support plugin (on a 3.3.12 EPrints).

After the installation (without any error), I can no more reload the 
configuration : I get errors like "Can't locate 
I have not installed the Generic Reporting Framework plugin.

But, from the Wiki page :
 > Where the Generic Reporting Framework plugin has been installed, new 
reports will become available, under the heading 'ORCID Dashboard'.
I understood that the Generic Reporting plugin was not mandatory and 
will be detected.

As I didn't intend to install the Generic Reporting plugin, I wonder how 
I can disable all the reporting functions of the ORCID plugin.
Or am I obliged to install the Generic Reporting plugin ?

(I imagine that I could simply delete all the Report:Orcid*.pm files; 
but it may not be a good idea)