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[EP-tech] Refresh Abstracts removing Boxes from Summary Page

Hi All,


I’ve got the most bizarre problem happening.


My staff started noticing that when they edited an item that the irstats2 downloads box would disappear from the summary page.

I had a look and noticed the altmetics box was also disappearing and when I did a refresh_abstracts using epadmin or the regenerate abstracts button from the admin -> systems tools, then every box disappeared from every summary.


They reappear if I run the script generate_abstracts from the cmdln, but apart from refresh_abstracts setting a abstracts.timestamp variable to state that a page needs to be regenerated on request, I cannot see what these commands are really doing differently.

Both should be calling the method $eprint->generate_static() when the page is generated


I could solve this by not putting that data into a Screen::EPrint::Box,  but it doesn’t actually solve the issue of why refresh is removing them.



Monica Wood


Library Systems

University of Tasmania


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