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Re: [EP-tech] REF Compliance Checker Plugin

I’ve been doing a bit more digging into this. I’ve tried setting EPrints::Time::get_iso_date() to $eprint->value( “datestamp” ) which doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve looked at some other records as well which is confounding me further – some show the expected “datestamp” value, some show the date at which I last saved the record (some being todays date, some being yesterdays date)


I’m guessing the trigger for generating REF data is when a record is saved. Post installing the plugin I did do a bin/epadmin recommit on all my eprints records to make sure that they updated the REF data. The changes I’ve made to hefce_oa_integration.pl seem to be taking effect, but the ones I’m making to hefce_oa_triggers.pl don’t – I am copying these over as zzz files in my local cfg.d. I guess the first question would be, is there an easy way to check whether EPrints is looking at the override files?


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Thanks John!


Okay, I’ve made some progress on this but I’m coming a little unstuck on the Date of First Compliant Deposit and Date of First Compliant Open Access.


So, for both of these I’ve needed to make a alight adjustment as we store our “accepted”, “published” etc in a variable called “stage”. No problem, I’ve switched “content” up for “stage” and I’m getting a date through now based, looking at the code, on EPrints::Time::get_iso_date(). The issue I have is that in all instances this is showing as todays date.


Speaking to Bev about how she wants this to work, she’s expecting to see:


First Compliant Deposit – the date the record was created, so I assume the datestamp value of the record?


First Compliant Open Access – the date the record was created OR the embargo date if one is set.


Once I’ve got these setting as expected I think I can get this deployed.


Any thoughts?


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Hi Andrew,
Some parts of the REF_CC plugin can be overridden in the configuration.
Have a look at the stuff in ~/lib/cfg.d/ - anything that starts $c->{'something'} can be overridden in an archive specific config file.

If there are specific things you're trying to do that don't seem to be covered by this, you know where to ask!


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Subject: [EP-tech] REF Compliance Checker Plugin


Hi all!


Putting some final bits into place before I retire from the repository work in 2018, I’m now looking at the REF Compliance Checker Plugin (http://eprintsug.github.io/hefce_oa/). One of the things I’ve noticed is that the plugin doesn’t seem to be picking up some of our specific workflow modifications which is to be expected. With the RIOXX plugin I was able to change the fields that were being looked at however I can’t seem to see an obvious way to do this in the documentation. Any thoughts?




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