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[EP-tech] show Localtime in the UI

Hi 2 all,

i have a repository running where the time of „Status changed“ („staus_cahnged_hour“ and „status_changed_minute") is important and controlled. I noticed that the time being shown in listing is always the UTC, not the localtime.

i found in https://wiki.eprints.org/w/Time_field  this comment: 

—- snip ---

Times are always stored in UTC and rendered in the local timezone.

In version 3.0 times must be input and searched in UTC. This is undesirable, but must systems do not require searching down to the hour. This may be addressed in a later version. (developers note: if this is an issue for you, drop us a line). 

——- /snip —--

Is there a default/configuration way to show the locatime in the Views and not the UTC?
maybe in the ender_short_date() /ender_date function()