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Re: [EP-tech] Multiple file upload issue?

Yep we've noticed this.

I *believe* there is a race condition during the upload of multiple files (usually via drag and drop) and I think the assignment of a pos value in the database (and subsequently files end up in the same directory).

Can be pulled apart and repaired. but certainly worth a git issue. I know JBP has come across this too (in fact it was remiss of us not to raise an issue already)


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So apparently when someone drops multiple files on the file upload screen on our 3.3.15 repository we get all the files uploaded, but they tend to all arrive in one directory in the file structure (e.g. item 123 gets 3 files dropped and they all appear in [EPRINTS_ROOT]/archives/[ARCHIVE_ID]/documents/disk0/00/00/01/23/1/   )

Is anyone else seeing this behaviour, so I should raise it as an issue on Github or is it just our system that’s misbehaving?





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