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[EP-tech] Changing the Pre-defined searches available for REF selections to items published from 01/01/2014

We have set up a new Benchmark in our repository using the REF 2014 plugin.  I can see from the REF 2014 documentation http://www.eprints.org/ref2014/ that the pre-defined searches are set to 2008-.  Has any other institution tweaked the REF 2014 plugin to change the pre-defined searches available to 01/01/2014 in order to conduct a trial run submission exercise? Is it possible to change this date and could you point me in the right direction if it is please?
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Annette Moore
Acquisitions and Metadata Librarian

The Library
University of Sussex

T:01273 877046
E:a.moore at sussex.ac.uk

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