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[EP-tech] Fwd: bin/epadmin reload ERROR Eprints V3.4

The good news is that those are warnings, rather than errors per se. They appear to be related to some code features that are experimental and/or dependent on particular versions of perl. That they are recognised implies that they work for now, but this may change in future versions of perl.

The restart message is standard: reloading  config on-the-fly can leave remnants of previous configurations in the running application. Restarting it is the surest way to get a completely fresh config.

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Subject: [EP-tech] Fwd: bin/epadmin reload ERROR Eprints V3.4

I got the following error the bin / padmin reload

eprints at s132-148-129-39:/opt/eprints3$ bin/epadmin reload test
keys on reference is experimental at /opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints.pm line 96.
keys on reference is experimental at bin/epadmin line 383.
Smartmatch is experimental at bin/epadmin line 385.
The repository config will be reloaded, but you should still restart apache as
soon as possible.


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