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[EP-tech] Is EPrints 3.4 and beyond open source software?

Ah - yes..... their [Eprint/Southampton] problem is developer time: 10 
years ago, Southampton had a dozen people working on the code.

Now the money for these projects has dried up, and the research money 
has moved elsewhere.... there's not the developer time to do big 
re-writes.... *THAT* is why 3.4 is so slow

On 29/06/17 08:09, martin.braendle at id.uzh.ch wrote:
> Yes, and that one is still  version 3.3.x . Version 3.4 has been 
> promised since end of 2014 on various occasions (UK user group meetings, 
> OR2016), but now we just have hosted version (that's the managed 
> availability option) we should have to pay for. There are many 
> institutions that host themselves EPrints repositories due to many 
> reasons - shall they not be able to update anymore?

Ian Stuart.
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