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[EP-tech] Tim Miles-Board

This is such sad sad news. I had the great pleasure to work with Tim on the Kultur project and came to the world of eprints and repositories completely green, Tim guided us patiently, never made us feel stupid and always worked to a solution. In addition Tim was a lovely guy to work with, wry with an eternal twinkle in his eye. Condolences to his family on such a loss.


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Hello everyone,

I am sorry to inform you that Tim passed away yesterday morning. He had been very sick and fought bravely, with optimism, until the end.

For over 10 years, Tim had made huge contributions to EPrints and open access and it's fair to say that they wouldn't be quite the same without him. He was an inspiration and influence to many of us.

I invite you all to raise a glass in his memory,


ps - please contact me directly if you would like to pass on messages to his family
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