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[EP-tech] IRStats2 - maintenance of bazaar package

Hi All,
For a while there have been two forks of the IRStats2 package that have been developed, and had issues logged against them:

There are some outstanding pull requests (PR), and some re-structuring of the package (for better EPM deployment).
The two forks cannot automatically be merged (https://github.com/eprints/irstats2/compare/master...eprintsug:master), so I plan to do some work on them.
If you've done any local development work that you'd like to see in a new release of IRStats and it's not currently covered by a PR here:
or you have any issues that are not logged here:
or here:
then please add details! (I'm not saying everything will be resolved, but I hope to get things in a much tidier state!).

The final question is should the 'official' IRStats package be maintained under the 'eprints', or the 'eprintsug' account?
If it's the latter, I think we may need to go through this process: https://help.github.com/articles/about-repository-transfers/


PS Many thanks to those who have already contributed PRs and logged issues: Tomasz, Martin, Thomas, Enio, Karlo, Alan, Adam, Seb, Tim, ...

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