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[EP-tech] Latest Additions in my repository is not show

Hi Iman, Ilmu and Amal,

An EPrint record has several states in which it can be.  When you first 
create an EPrint record it with be in the "user workarea", once it is 
complete, you can choose to "Deposit Item".  At this point an admin or 
editor (elevated privileges user) needs to review the EPrint which is 
now in the "review buffer" state before can be made publicly visible.  
This "Review" page on your repository can be found at:


If you click on the icon with a green tick on top of a page, this will 
change the item's state to "live archive" and be publicly visible and it 
should appear at http://eprints.perbanas.ac.id/cgi/latest


David Newman

On 04/12/2017 01:47, Dio Eka wrote:
> Hi all,
> Somebody help me,
> I have a problem with my repository, when I click 
> "http://eprints.perbanas.ac.id/cgi/latest";, nothing information in 
> there, but I have uploaded some files to my repository. In the "Manage 
> Deposits" menu, my file has entered. the last uploaded is Dec, 4th 
> 2017 My indexer status is running, database status is OK.
> What happened to my repository? please help me.
> Thank you
> *Iman, Ilmu, Amal
> *
> *Best Regards,
> *
> *Dio Eka Prayitno
> *
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