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[EP-tech] Antwort: Re: BatchEdit permission name

The shortest route is to add code to eprint_fields_automatic and then recommissioned the dataset.
if ($eprint->value ('fieldname') eq 'Thesis (Ph. D.)'){? $eprint->set_value('fieldname', 'Ph D');}
After recommitting, remove the code (or not if you regularly import data in this shape)

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Thank you Adam and Martin.? That was what I was looking for, nice and simple.
Now if only I could find a way to do a Batch Edit for ?Theses (Ph. D.)? in a field (so that I can replace it with ?Ph. D.?.
My understanding is that the Batch Edit is only available from the ?editor? search, which works like the Advanced search interface, offering ?all of? or ?any
 of? as options for searching within a field.? So when I search for ?Theses (Ph. D.)?, I get this:

Degree matches "Theses (Ph. D.)" (Ignoring: "D", "Ph").
If it ignores the ?Ph? and the ?D?, then it is not specific enough and catches to many items.
And thus, it looks like to make this replace, I would have to use Perl scripting, right?? ??Is there any way to set the advanced search to do phrase searching
 and/or not ignore ?D? and ?Ph? in my criteria?

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Hi Tomasz,

I wanted just to tell the same, in the cfg.d/user_roles.pl, add
+eprint/archive/edit, but Adam was faster.

BTW, there's a useful extension to BatchEdit on
https://github.com/eprintsug/batchedit-extended?that allows
 find/replace on multiple compound fields.

Best regards,




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Re: [EP-tech] BatchEdit permission name

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Hi Tomasz


??????????????? The permission is eprint/archive/edit ? see


??????????????? In the roles field, add +eprint/archive/edit


??????????????? HOWEVER, I don?t know if this will unlock other bits of functionality.? It kindof looks like it might ? be sure you trust the user?s intentions and capabilities.






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Date: Friday, 7 April 2017 15:49

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Subject: [EP-tech] BatchEdit permission name


I want to add the permission to an Editor account for access to BatchEdit function.

Right now, only an admin account can access this screen, an editor gets this error: ?You may not view this screen: BatchEdit.?

I couldn?t find the name of the relevant permission here:

How do I assign permission for an Editor to have access to BatchEdit?







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