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[EP-tech] fail to import PubMedID

Visiting the URL, I get:

<ERROR>WebEnv parameter is required</ERROR>

If I add a dummy WebEnb parameter, I get:

<ERROR>query_key parameter is required</ERROR>

?it looks like the API the plugin is using has changed ?  It?s unlikely to be a local problem.

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Adam Field
SHERPA services analyst developer

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Date: Monday, 7 November 2016 01:27
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Subject: [EP-tech] fail to import PubMedID

Dear all,

It seems PubMed only accepts https now and I cannot import PubMed ID
anymore. I got the following warning message.
Unhandled warning in Import::PubMedID: http error : Unknown IO error

I modified PubMedID.pm as follows but no success.
<       $self->{EFETCH_URL} =
       $self->{EFETCH_URL} =

Error message is as follows;
Unhandled exception in Import::PubMedID: Could not create file parser
context for file

Could you help me?

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