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[EP-tech] ssmtp and eprints


I configured ssmtp on my Ubuntu box and it sends e-mails fine (via gmail)
from the command line. However, whenever I try to send a test e-mail from
Eprints (v. 3.3.15) on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS I get an error saying:

The system is currently unable to send email. Please try again later. If
> this problem persists, please contact the administrator with details.

The apache error.log file gets the following entry written to it:

> Failed to create SMTP connection to smtp
> Wide character in print at (eval 477) line 44.
> Failed to send mail.
> To: ecorrado at ecorrado.us <>
> Subject: Test email from http://codabox.org/ ?

Does anyone have any idea what to configure for ssmtp? I tried some thing I
found in various old e-mails, but nothing seems to work.

The main things I have tried include: Defining my  smtp server in
perl_lib/Eprint/SystemSeting.pm file.

> 'smtp_server' => 'smtphost.your.domain'

I tried localhost and a few other possibilities but no luck.

I also checked that $c->{send_email} =
\&EPrints::Email::send_mail_via_smtp; was uncommented in

FWIW: After trying these things I did restart apache although I am not sure
if it matters.

IS anyone using ssmtp with Eprints and has an idea what to look for? If not
maybe I will need to try Exim4 or Postfix.

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