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Re: [EP-tech] User Roles

Hi Jeff,

I think that you need to add your new ‘user_role’ to the list in:



This is the list that controls the ‘usertype’ options available in the workflow.


You’ll also need to restart apache when altering the config – in case you hadn’t realised this!






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Roles and permissions give access to plugins and actions on plugins.  The way to test whether a permission is set is to log in as a user at that level and try to do the thing that the permission is for.


Adding permissions at the bottom of the user profile will add to just that user, rather than all users of a certain type.




Adam Field
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Subject: [EP-tech] User Roles




I'm a new administrator of ePrints and would like to know how you add an addtional role.  I wanted certain users to be able create and edit but not deposit.  I read the wiki and added the following to user_roles.pl



$c->{user_roles}->{BaseUser} = [qw{












But I cannot see that role when I add a user - do I add it to the roles at the bottom of the user screen ?  So in Roles 1. BaseUser, 2.... etc  Or is it possible to change User Type to add this new user type in ?


Thanks for any help




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