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[EP-tech] Searching fails when database field contains Å (utf8 %c3%85)

Hello all!

I have encountered a weird UTF-8 related problem when querying names in the advanced search.  If the name of an author contains ?, like ?ngstr?m, (UTF-8 %c3%85, A with a ring above) then querying will fail.  I have not seen the problem for any other character, e.g. no problem with "?" (a with ring above), %c3%a5, or any other non A-Z letter such as ?,?,?, or ?.  The problem is when the database entry itself contains an ?, which is typically when the character is the first in the name like ?ngstr?m or in a hyphened name like Per-?ke.

Furthermore, if the queryterm contains an "?" then it will fail.  A few examples:

M?rten - works
m?rten - works
M?RTEN -- works
M?RTEN -- fails
m?rten -- fails

The query field is (normally) case insensitive so it shouldn't matter if I write "?ngstr?m" or "?ngstr?m".  However, hit or miss in this case depends on if the database have an ? and/or the query term contains an ? as it seems like Eprints cannot handle "?".  Always, displays correct and is correctly written into the database.  Only problem is the advanced search.

Should add that querying the database using SQL works without any problems (incl all upper/lower combinations).  Any ideas what may be wrong with Eprints and where to start looking?


Christer Enkvist, Ph D
System Administrator/System Librarian
Division of Scholarly Communication
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Uppsala, Sweden

Telephone: 018-671042

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