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[EP-tech] problem migrating documents



i have migrated eprints from Solaris with eprints 3.1.1 to a Centos 6.7 with
eprints 3.3.15.

Now i have a problem with accessing pdf documents. When i click on the
document link of a publication i get the error:


404 File not Found

Could not find the file: /15496/1/15496oa.pdf

The specified file could not be found on this server. If you reached this
page by following a link within the repository, please contact the
Repository administration. Otherwise, please check that you have typed the
URL in correctly, or contact the person or site that supplied you with this


If i try it on older documents it works. 

The document is at the correct place in the file system. Permissions and
SELINUX seems to be the same on both files.

Do you have an idea why some documents are not available and some older
documents are available?

Thanks and best,


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