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[EP-tech] Re: Items made live, not showing in browse views

I was just about to comment on the metadata_visibility field, but Alan beat me to it J so definitely check that field as we had a couple records that had the same issue and found that this was indeed the culprit.  The metadata_visibility field is in the ‘eprint’ table if you are looking at it within the database directly.  The two options that it can be set at are ‘no_search’ and ‘show’.  Obviously you will want it set to ‘show’ for it to show up in searches and views.




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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: Items made live, not showing in browse views


What value is in the ‘metadata_visibility’ field on that eprint record? (this is the field that gets set to ‘no_search’ when you create new versions to remove the original item from searches and views).  Should say ‘show’.  I realise you mentioned the versioning in the original email but you hadn’t explicitly mentioned the metadata_visibility field.




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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: Items made live, not showing in browse views




Have done all the rebuilding of views/abstracts, heck, I have even re-indexed the entire repo, just to be thorough J

This is something a little more tucked away…


I have looked into the fields and filters, but will go and check again…


Thanks for the feedback Monica and Matthew





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