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[EP-tech] IRStats2 embedding stats in abstract?

Hi all,

I'm following the wiki wrt IRStats2 configuration and I have a few questions. The one that is concerning me right now is that I don't seem to manage displaying the stats in my abstract page (aka embedding stats in summary page). I've followed the "Embedding Stats on Abstract Pages" section where it says to include:

<epc:phrase ref="lib/irstats2:embedded:summary_page:eprint:downloads"/>

somewhere at the bottom of summary_page.xml, I've done it but, I restarted apache, regenerated abstracts, etc., and when I access my pages I see a new "Downloads" section, that -sadly- only contains the phrase "Downloads per month over past year" without any numbers in it. When regenerating abstracts (manually) I get the message:

missing parameter "eprintid" when making phrase "lib/irstats2:embedded:summary_page:eprint:downloads"

which is kind of strange, but I'm not even sure that the irstats2 database is correctly populated, since even though I specifically access eprints and their documents in order to change stats and run the script manually to update them, I see no differences in my cgi/stats/report/ which makes me think that something goes terribly wrong...but that's my other question... :).

Thanks for any help in advance,


PS. It's an EPrints 3.3.14 installation on a Debian box, IRStats2 is installed via the bazaar package, as instructed in the wiki and irstats2 github page (going by the book).
PS2. I haven't change IRstats2 default config in cfg/cfg.d yet
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