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[EP-tech] Re: "Manage deposits" list not sorting

Thank you Adam!

I can confirm it works better now, although there is still one thing left. 
When we get to the "manage deposits" list, it always appears as if sorted by 
descending eprint ids, regardless of what should be the active column. The 
list gets sorted correctly only after we click on the column's title.

For instance, see the attached screenshots: When the page is loaded 
(screenshot001) and what it should be (screenshot002).

Any ideas?

Robin Sylvestre

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Objet : [EP-tech] Re: "Manage deposits" list not sorting

I've seen this issue before -- in the case I examined, it looked like the 
_buffer_order parameter was somehow being lost.  I managed to get it working 
with the following code in the Items plugin:

in the 'properties_from' function:

        #af05v 20150512 Workaround for immediate solution to lack of 
        my $order = $session->param('_buffer_order');
        $self->{processor}->{af05v_order} = $order;

in the perform_search function:

        my $list = $self->{session}->current_user->owned_eprints_list( 
%$search, # custom_order => $search->{order}
        #af05v 20150512 Workaround for immediate solution to lack of 
                custom_order => $self->{processor}->{af05v_order}

However, I didn't have time to figure out *why* this was happening.  Anyone 
have any ideas?

Adam Field
Business Relationship Manager and Community Lead EPrints Services
+44 (0)23 8059 8814

On 2 Sep 2015, at 17:48, Robin Sylvestre wrote:

> Hello fellow EPrinters,
> Running version 3.3.14, we have noticed a strange behavior on the ?manage 
> deposits? screen. Items do not sort at all, when clicking on the 
> appropriate column title (see attached screen shots). Nothing changes, 
> only the up/down arrow appears.
> The strange thing is that the ?revision? list is not affected by this bug, 
> only the ?deposits? list.
> I have tried to do a ?epadmin reorder [archive] eprint? but that does not 
> correct the problem. Both of our live and test versions have this problem.
> Did anyone notice a similar bug or has a solution to offer? Thanks!!
> Robin Sylvestre
> Technicien en documentation
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> Polytechnique de Montr?al
> T?l.: 514-340-4711 poste 3743
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