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[EP-tech] Re: Eprint fields problems

Hi Mike,
I believe the error is caused when a field is referenced in the workflow that doesn?t exist in the dataset ? i.e. there isn?t a field ?pubdom?.

The default field config for the EPrints dataset is in ~/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/eprint_fields.pl
Having the field names etc. in the XML file doesn?t add them to the system.

Once the fields have been defined, you can run ~/bin/epadmin update ARCHIVEID to add them to the database.

***Be careful if you?ve got data in the system ? do it on a test instance first!***


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I've migrated from v2 to v3.13 now and most of it is working.  I'm having issues though with the eprint fields when entering a new item.

In v2 we had many custom fields for each type of eprint.  Now the fields are all listed in a file called eprint_fields.xml, stored in the lang/en/phrases directory of the archive.  I know the file is being used because when I edit the name of one of the fields, it does reflect the change right away on the site.

However, there are a few fields that throw an error and I can't figure out why.  It says the error is in the workflow/default.xml file but I believe it errors because it cannot find a field definition for the field.  For example:

Unknown field reference pubdom in
<field ref="pubdom"/>

I'm not sure which part I'm missing here and why it only applies to certain fields and not all of them.


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