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[EP-tech] Re: Login required to retrieve requested documents

On 10/09/14 12:22, Andrew Beeken wrote:
> Hi all,
> Strange behaviour that I can?t quantify; if someone requests a
> document and that request is approved, on clicking the ?Download
> Document? link in the resulting email, the person is being asked to
> log in. Obviously these requests come from outside of the university
> and the requesters do not have logins. This system used to work fine
> and I?m not sure how to set about debugging what?s going on ? has
> anyone else encountered this?
Is the record embargoed, or otherwise marked "registered only"?


Ian Stuart.
Developer: ORI, RJ-Broker, and OpenDepot.org
Bibliographics and Multimedia Service Delivery team,
The University of Edinburgh.


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