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[EP-tech] Add validation only for certain item types?

Hi All,

I'm just wondering if anyone has added or know how to activate this validation only for certain item types?

>From eprint_validate.pl:
$c->{validate_eprint} = sub

   my ( $eprint, $session, $for_archive ) = @_;

   my @problems = ();

   # If we don't have creators (eg. For a book) then we
   # must have editor(s). To disable that rule, remove the
   # following block.

    if( !$eprints->is_set( "creators" ) &&
                !$= $eprints->is_set( "editors" ) )

                my $fieldname = $session->make_element( "span", class=>"ep_problem_field:creators" );
                push @problems, $session->html_phrase (
                                                fieldname=>$fieldname );

   return( @problems );

Thanks guys!

Best regards,



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