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[EP-tech] Re: Error downloading Romeo autocomplete file from eprints.org

Hi John,
At an educated guess, that looks a bit like a character set issue, possibly whether the ISSN is listed in the file with a hyphen or an em-dash (or an en-dash) and isn?t translating correctly into (or out of) UTF-8.
I currently have a similar issue with some internal data feeds causing me all manner of similar problems!

From: John Salter [mailto:J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk]
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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: Error downloading Romeo autocomplete file from eprints.org

I?ve just tried ? downloaded OK for me. If you want a copy some other way, let me know.

One thing I did notice in the file:
Some ISSNs are fine:
<li id="for:value:component:_issn">0091-7613</li>

Some look ?interesting?:
<li id="for:value:component:_issn">0734&acirc;??7324</li>

<li id="for:value:component:_issn">0734&acirc;<80><93>7324</li>

Looking at the Sherpa API record for this journal: http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/api29.php?issn=0734-7324, there doesn?t look to be anything wrong.

I?m not sure what processing happens to turn the romeo data into the autocomplete data - can someone at EPS explain what?s going on?

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Subject: [EP-tech] Error downloading Romeo autocomplete file from eprints.org

I?m getting HTTP 502 or 504 responses when requesting the Romeo autocomplete file from http://romeo.eprints.org/romeo_journals.autocomplete since 26/10. Our last successful download would have been 19/10.

I assume that others are having the same problem?  Does anyone know if it?s being addressed?



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