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[EP-tech] simple search preamble phrase not displaying on the user interface

We are in the process of upgrading our repository to 3.3.12 and I noticed the following issue:

In cfg.d/eprint_search_simple.pl, the following phrase is ignored (not generated on the user interface):

preamble_phrase => "cgi/search:preamble"

This issue was reported in 2012, see this:

What is the solution for displaying a 'preamble' message on the simple search screen?

We had this in previous version of our repository interface, and we still need it.


Tomasz Neugebauer
Digital Projects & Systems Development Librarian
tomasz.neugebauer at concordia.ca<mailto:tomasz.neugebauer at concordia.ca>
Concordia University Libraries
1400 de Maisonneuve West (LB 341-3)
Tel.: (514) 848-2424 ex. 7738
Montreal, Canada

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