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[EP-tech] Re: harvester (question)

Hi Jean-Marie,
I think it?s probably a namespace problem (see references below). If you try
$xml->findnodes( ?//tef:auteur/tef:nom/*? )
do you get any results?

You could also do this via xslt ? if you have any experience of this?
I?m guessing it?s something like this you?re starting with: http://www.abes.fr/abes/documents/tef/recommandation/ex1_theseSimplePDF.xml

These might explain a bit more about namespaces:


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hi Seb,

I need to harvest an OAI server in a format other than Dublin Core (TEF format). I can not get specific metadata with the same name.

For example :

                      <tef:autoriteExterne autoriteSource="Sudoc">073367826</tef:autoriteExterne>
                      <tef:autoriteExterne autoriteSource="Sudoc">035036672</tef:autoriteExterne>
in the same record !

I need to extract all this data.

I tried things like :

my $nom;
foreach my $node ($xml->findnodes( "//auteur/nom/*" ))
               $nom = $node->textContent;

but it does not work (no result)

any idea ?

Thanks !




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