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[EP-tech] Document relationship

Dear all,

we recently installed a  plugin for generating coverpages (this one : http://files.eprints.org/670/ ) that we have modified a bit.
It works very well and bases it's work on the  eprints 3.3 mechanism of hooking and relationships between documents in an eprint.
This plugin, when a document is requested, creates  on the fly the coverpage, join it with the original document creating a new document linked to the original
one by the 'IsCoverPageOf' and 'hasCoverPage' relations.
We noticed that sometimes this relation is not complete (normally the IsCoverPageOf relation is present, not the hasCoverPage, but not ever),
the plugin tries to generate another coverpages document and the result is that the user can't download the document ( :-( ).
I'm cleaning each record by hand :-(
I'm worried about that also ThumbNail relationship could be broken ...

Has anybody created a plugin to test the Relation between documents in an eprint record ?

Best regards,
Paolo Tealdi

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