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[EP-tech] last_changed.timestamp modified - reloading!


I got a lot of

last_changed.timestamp has been modified since the repository config was
loaded: reloading!

messages. I see no relation to the previous posts - we have not ourselves
modified anything I think, we are not doing anything with logrotate.
The repository occasionally gives MySQL too many connections errors
to the users.

Any Idea what could be wrong?

Andras Holl

Andras Holl / Holl Andras                e-mail: holl at konkoly.hu
Konkoly Observatory / MTA CsFK CsI       Tel.: +36 1 3919368 Fax: +36 1 2754668
IT advisor / Szamitastechn. koordinator  Mail: H1525 POBox 67, Budapest, Hungary