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[EP-tech] Re: Restored users do not sort properly

Hi Florian,

Perhaps your ordering issue relates to the following issue: 

About exporting passwords: perhaps you can patch the relevant code in 
EPrints for the duration of your export (MetaField::Secret::to_sax 

When you INSERT'ed the missing users, did you also INSERT data into the 
aux. tables (user_roles etc)?


On 31/01/14 13:35, Florian He? wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> After removing a number of users by accident using the EPrints 3.3.10
> API, I restored them from our backup via piping INSERT INTO `users`
> commands into mysql database. That worked, but when I navigate  to the
> list of all users in the web interface (Manage Records > Users) and
> click there on the username column, the list is reordered to whatever
> except by username. I tried the other columns, they fail to sort
> properly either. What did I miss?
> - epadmin reorder $repo user
> - epadmin recommit $repo user
> - epadmin cleanup_cachemaps $repo
> - epadmin reindex $repo user
> - epadmin reorder $repo user
> - epadmin rehash $repo user
> All these were to no avail.
> Now I would try reimporting all users with XML, but I hesitate because
> in the XML output file the password hashes are missing. How to include
> them? Had a glance into the sources and infered from
> EPrints::MetaField::Secret::to_sax() that --arg show_secrets=1 to the
> XML export would do, but apparently I was wrong:
> "Plugin Export::XML does not accept argument show_secrets"
> Appreciate your help very much!
> Kind regards
> Florian