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[EP-tech] How to modify robots.txt and add a new bot?


I've noticed that we are getting crawled by what seems to be a newer robot "AhrefsBot" (http://ahrefs.com) That also seems to be ignoring the "Disallow: /cgi/" stanza as when looking at the logs or the apache server-status it is hitting things in /cgi.  :(

As a first measure to reign this bot in I'd like to add a parameter to the default robots.txt file "Crawl-Delay: 2" per their documentation (https://ahrefs.com/robot/) but not finding a simple way of doing in EPrints so I started to go through the files and ran across: perl_lib/EPrints/Apache/RobotsTxt.pm where I see what is the default definition for the robots.txt file.  I've updated that file and restarted the web server but alas the robots.txt file does not change.

So two questions:

1.       Does anyone have a hint on what needs to be done to identify a new bot correctly?  I've also found the perl_lib/robots.pm but not sure where to add the AhrefsBot to the file.

2.       Does anyone know how to update the robots.txt file?  Is it per archive?

Brian Gregg.

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