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[EP-tech] Re: Translation Spanish HELP ME!!

Laura Sandoval dijo [Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 10:25:32AM -0600]:
> Hi!
> I am writing to ask for your help.
> Install eprints version 3.3.11, but I need to translate it to Spanish.
> I used the file:
> eprints_es_3.3.8.tar.gz
> but do not bring all the files, I could not get it right.
> When descomprimime shows these files en my /home:
> (...)

Hi Laura,

As far as I know (because there are several translations available), I
made that translation, based on work from people in Cuba and
Argentina. Anyway, if I can help you with that specific files, I'll
happily do so.

I see you work at UACH — I work at UNAM (Mexico City), but can
strongly recommend you to contact my good friend Iván Chavero, who
works at Facultad de Contaduría in UACH (Chihuahua) and is a local
Perl guru. Besides being a very very nice person to meet!