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[EP-tech] EPrints questions


I have two EPrints questions.

- I experience bogous user registrations, probably from some kind of bot.
The username and name fields always contain the same character strings
like: Abonaabnod Abonaabnodo Abonaabnodo
Any idea what that could be? Previously we managed to exclude these
with checking for the occurence of the same string in the username and name
Now, after a version upgrade the bogous registrations are back.

- Do You plan using ORCID identifiers for authors? Like a plus field
(Family Name; Given Name / Initials; Email; ORCID) ?

With best regards,

Andras Holl

Andras Holl / Holl Andras                e-mail: holl at konkoly.hu
Konkoly Observatory / MTA CsFK CsI       Tel.: +36 1 3919368 Fax: +36 1 2754668
IT manager / Szamitastechn. rendszervez. Mail: H1525 POBox 67, Budapest, Hungary