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[EP-tech] Remove Deposit for specific item type & status combination

Hi folks - looking for some confirmation or a bit of a steer.

I'm trying to develop a plugin to provide a new item type with some additional workflow, so I want to either remove the default deposit button for the combination type = New_Type and status = inbox, or redefine it to change the status to New_Status (for this item type only)

I've seen all the wiki training articles around XML workflow manipulation and defining new datasets (ie dark_archive), but I can't find anything suggesting how to deal with the above.

Essentially, I suppose, the question is should I be overriding the EPrints::Plugin::Screen::EPrint::Deposit::can_be_viewed function to hide the button / workflow stage, and provide the appropriate alternative buttons, or have I just missed the obvious, and simpler, alternative?

Alan Stiles
Digital Repository Developer, Library Services
The Open University Library

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