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[EP-tech] "Failed to connect to database" error after transferring repository to another server


I am getting this error after I transferred the repository to another server using a tried and tested procedure:
eprints at veprints:~/bin$ ./epadmin upgrade mdxrep1
DBI connect('database=mdxrep1;host=localhost','eprints',...) failed: Access denied for user 'eprints'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at /usr/share/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/Database.pm line 245

Middlesex University Research
Repository has encountered an error:
Failed to connect to database
Failed to load repository: mdxrep1

There is an eprints user in MySQL and I have granted this user the same rights as root to all databases.

Any suggestion most gratefully received.



Alexander J Birchall
Library Systems Manager
The Shepppard Library
Middlesex University
The Burroughs
London NW4 4BT

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