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[EP-tech] Re: We are at our wits end,

Hi Phil,

For info, which EPrints version are you using?

Worth a try:

- have you tried to reindex the eprint dataset? (bin/epadmin reindex <archive_id> eprint)

- have you tried debugging the search to see which SQL statement gets executed (**) ?


(**) to enable SQL debugging, edit perl_lib/EPrints/Search/Condition.pm, look at the end of "sub sql" for:

#print STDERR "\nsql=$sql\n\n";

Un-comment the line above, restart apache and re-run the problematic search - feel free to copy/paste the SQL query here so we can have a look.


On Wed, 25 Jul 2012 22:12:26 +1000, "Phil" <philpearson@iinet.net.au> wrote:

If anyone can help we would very much appreciate it, we have posted this issue numerous times and had someone control our eprints server but the problem will not go away. 





I will explain it step by step





If I look at the database directly and query the index I get the following result









You can see the word “Green” and “Bans” are in the index





So we should be able to find this book in the advanced or simple search using the term “green bans”












Unfortunately when we do we get only one result below









Whilst this is correct, it is incomplete, the search should have also returned record 3594





If you look back at the SQL above you will see the other words in the title





If I put a few of them in the search as per below, I get the correct result:













I have erased the index record and reindexed the item to no avail.





This is not the only record that does not return from a search and it makes our catalogue unusable.





I have installed xapian but that also gives me problems as per a post of mine two days ago.





We have put a lot of effort into this migrating from the old system, if we cannot fix this we will have to go through the whole process again with something else.