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[EP-tech] Re: specific Views for particular types


On 29/03/12 16:27, Florian He? wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to have a bunch of special views for the eprint type "thesis
> abstract". E.g., for the view of thesis abstract creators, I would
> prefer a menu level listing their name initials A to Z with each linking
> to a sub-menu list solely the respective names or their documents, we
> will see. Is that possible? That would be nice, as it takes very long to
> generate and send pages with 7000+ authors.
> So I thought, for the type restriction, in views configuration a filter
> setting is applicable, just like it is in numorous other places. This is
> not documented in the wiki, so I am asking you.
This is present in some versions of EPrints (there was a regression at 
some point in 3.2, I don't recall which versions exactly).

Just try on your setup, it might just work, eg add in your view 
definition (adapt to your needs...):

filters => [
         { meta_fields => [ "type" ], value => "thesis", describe => 0 }

> For the first-letter submenu (not section), there is no option?
Isn't this a "variation"?

variations => [